Pet Alert is dedicated to keeping pets safe 24/7
house fire & pets
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Guide to pet safety
  A window STICKER is NOT enough to PROTECT your pet and provide the information needed for their
  security and survival. Learn how the Pet Alert Emergency Information System follows firefighter's protocol
  and can make the difference of life or death when time is running out.
tornados & pets
car accidents & pets
hurricanes & pets
Please remember, whatever the future holds for us, you need to prepare for yourself and for your companion animals. You are their guardian; for food, shelter and their future.

Your pet's life depends on you and the preparations that you have made to protect their safety and their future in case of an accident, medical emergency or if a disaster should strike you! 
"Protecting pets like family "
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firefighters supporting Pet Alert
firefighters supporting Pet Alertfirefighters supporting Pet Alertfirefighters supporting Pet Alert
firefighters supporting Pet Alert
  The Pet Alert Emergency Information System can give your pets a LIFE-LINE-TO-SAFETY by providing the right
  information in all the right places. Designed to help and safeguard all your animals and First Responders during many
  types of emergencies and SAVE PRECIOUS TIME to HELP and LOCATE your pet's to make RESCUE possible. Also
  provides vital health information that could keep your pets alive during emergencies like these listed below;
Firefighters in LA Co. holding up Pet Alert Emergency Information Door Knob Hanger.
Did you know

someone calls 911

somewhere in the US

every 15 seconds
“This book provides a guideline to pet owners to help prepare and keep their pets safe in emergencies and it also provides us with guidelines to follow that are standardized and effective. We recommend the Guide to Pet Safety for all those who love their pets."  Firefighter Patrick Burns and Captain John of Flagstaff, AZ show their support for the Guide to Pet Safety. 
Emergencies Don't Take Vacations - Don't Let Your Pets Become Victims!
  • House Fire involving a pet
  • Auto Accident involving a pet
  • Owner's or Pet Medical Emergency
  • Death of the pet owner
          - gives pet's info & future home contacts
  • Natural Disasters such as;
          Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, etc.
  • Manmade Disasters such as;
         Chemical Spills, Gas Leaks, etc.
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    Do more to ensure your pets' survival with PET ALERT

Supported by Firefighters, Police, Animal Shelters and Veterinarians

Animals become, frighten, lost, injured or killed if the right actions are not taken during emergency situations of all types; [e.g. House fires, disasters, and medical emergencies of the pet or pet parent.

Help keep your pets safe with the Guide to Pet Safety Handbook, it's a MUST have for every
pet parent. It's the "how to" book to keep your pet SAFE 24/7 in and around your home, or while traveling, during a medical emergency and if a disaster should strike your area, know what to do.
Camy Thumwood and her dog “Red”
Founder and Owner of PET ALERT and author of the Guide to Pet Safety
Pets can't speak for themselves and rely on what you do for their survival


Being prepared it the best prevention - get your Guide to Pet Safety today.


    By using the Pet Alert Emergency Information System
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